The Best Among the Steaks

What is the most bought meat in the country? What do most people it every single day? Isn’t it obvious yet? Of course, beef! Beef is the real deal. Beef is consumed by everyone. Beef is an amazing piece of meat. And there is not one person who is not vegan who does not enjoy the taste of beef. Beef is definitely a piece of meat that is bought by everyone in the planet and a piece of meat that is enjoyed by almost everyone.  

You have been eating beef because you are like the majority of the population who likes steak. Steak is definitely a very good meal to have any time of the day. The good thing about steaks is that it is good in the morning, during noon or even at the evening. You can enjoy steak any time of the day and you will not regret it. There are many restaurants and stores that offer steak in different varieties and style of cooking because of its popularity. Best restaurant like steakhouse Nouvelle-Calédonie and others that can definitely bring the best out of every beef which is a good information to have so that you know where to go if you are hungry for some beef.  

Although you have been eating beef all your life, it does not mean that you already know the cuts of beef that are considered to be on top of the line. Knowing the cuts of beef that you purchase or cook is very important because knowing the cuts of beef or steak is like knowing the real worth of your money. 

Here are the cuts of steak that you should be getting: (this is in no particular order because all of them are good in their own ways) 

  • Tenderloin 

You do not get this much often do you? This cut is a good one because it is the tenderest part of a beef and that is where it got its name. This is cut near the backbone and under the ribs of the cow. You will be able to recognize this because this will look like a beautiful fillet of beef meat. 

  • New York Strip 

This is the kind of cut that does not have that high of a fat content which actually some people prefer. There are many people who want meatier part of the meat that they are eating and if you do enjoy that then you should buy or cook a New York strip. This can be found in the short loin of the beef; hence, you will be able to identify it.  

  • Top Sirloin 

Top Sirloin is also not very common but it is a good piece of meat. This meat is very versatile in terms of the style of cooking because you will be able to enjoy it through grilling it, frying it in a pan or just broiling it. This is such an amazing part of the meat and some people do not realize this.   

The next thing you have to do if you are craving for a steak then you should pick among these three different cuts of steak which you will surely enjoy! 

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