Best Characteristics that Make a Good Sneaker

Though the comfort that the shoe gives extremely varies from one person to another, some common characteristics can help qualify when a sneaker is worth it and high-quality and each shoe needs to get a great balance of each.  


Though this may seem similar to support, it actually isn’t. Stability mostly concerns how the interior of the shoes fit. For instance, either you have high arches or you are flat-footed, every foot type requires various arch support. If you fail to have this, you are posing the possibility of being injured since your foot isn’t stable within the shoes, which leads to strain, under or over pronation, and even back and joint pain.  


If you’re an active kind of person who is looking for the right shoe that matches your lifestyle, then you need to be specific with the soles of the shoes. Traction is very important for walking and running with the least injury risk as much as possible, particularly during the snowy and rainy months of the year. Guarantee to look for a pair of sneakers that have a great rubber sole.  


Flexibility is the characteristic you need to look for, especially in a sneaker. Once a shoe is stiff, it cannot enable the right to bounce back and give that you require as you do active duties. Rugged, hard, and stiff shoes are best for the construction site or the assembly line, however, they are not suitable for sports enthusiasts or runners.  

Functionality and protection 

Search for a shoe that can give the functionality and protection that you need. For instance, a pair of tennis shoes are ideal to use during the summer season since they are breathable. However, if you are planning to be active during the cold seasons, then you can surely get forming icicles on your toes if you have shoes with excessive breathability.  


As you search through shoe stores and brands for a pair to get, the first thing you need to think about is how much support does a particular shoe can give. There must be sufficient support surrounding the ankle to help avoid typical injuries like rolling. Some casual shoes don’t give this kind of support, however, you really require it in any sneaker or athletic shoe since they are usually utilized for physical activities like running and walking.  


Size becomes a major priority if you plan to have athletic shoes like sneakers. Usually, those shoes that are extremely large cannot offer stability. On the other hand, too small shoes can possibly injure who’s wearing them. As you try on shoes, you need to get almost a ½ inch between your longest to and the end of the shoe, which is a distance that enables movement without risks of being injured or rolling. If you still cannot see the most perfect fit for you and your feet’ needs, then consider having a customized shoe in Cordonnier Montreal, which is a shoe company that can surely cater to your specific needs when it comes to shoes. 

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